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With the claim to produce gates of quality at the highest level and best standard, we rely on over 30 years of know-how and experience in door construction.

Oversizes, special requests, safety-relevant specifications as well as special requirements for the design – we turn your requirement profile into a tailor-made door.

The individual special doors, partly already similar to special machine construction, are designed and produced in our Esto factory in St. Johan, South Tyrol designed and produced.

Long-standing employees, absolute know-how and a state-of-the-art machine park secure the experience potential. The manufacturing works at the highest technological level.

Esto’s design team uses state-of-the-art software technology to create concept models, motion simulations, assembly drawings, manufacturing drawings and finite element analysis using 3D design software.


Movable facades instead of ordinary gates!

When closed, the doors form a flush facade and a homogeneous, charming appearance. The gate system in a class of its own offers automatically movable outer walls – without a floor guide, thus revealing a large entrance opening.

Temperature resistant and pressure resistant doors

Esto supplies temperature-resistant and pressure-resistant special doors for the terraXcube research center. The doors are designed for pressure and suction up to 0.7 bar and for requirements of extreme temperature ranges from -20 °C to +50°C .

Sliding door elements on curved facade

Superlative architecture and gates!
A project by architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. For this stunning building, we installed two unique sliding door systems with curved glass on a curved facade.

Gate as a sliding roof for a museum in Hong Kong

The specially constructed gate system acts as a sliding roof for a museum and consists of a total of 6 tons of stainless steel and glass!
The automatically movable lifting, lowering and sliding technology is driven by only one drive. Awesome!

Glass swing gate with stainless steel profiles

Here Esto was allowed to install an extremely elegant and appealing glass swing gate.
The 6 m high glass wings were designed with thermally separated stainless steel profiles. The wings first rotate 90° and then move away sideways.

Moving drive technology in London.

A custom development with a steel cable around the perimeter for minimal space requirements.
For a high demand on opening mechanics, for especially large and heavy gates or narrow installation situations, Esto offers its own mechanical engineering for gate operators.

Linit Korea - Reference​!

Glass Moving Wall – The Condo by LINIT KOREA
Inner wall 5 m high and 18 m wide as a movable glass wall without floor rail!

Let yourself be impressed…

Highflexibilityand theabilitytorespond even to unusual special requirements have made Esto areliableand trustworthy partner. Our greateststrengthis undoubtedly that there are practically no set standardsforus.

Every door that leaves our production facility in thebeautifulSouth Tyrolis made tomeasure and therefore represents a unique specimen. Ourpossibilitiesopen upalmost unlimitedapproaches to solutionsforour customers’wishes. These special requests are our challenge.


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