Climbing aids for more safety

Better traction for tracked vehicles
in steep and rough terrain.

Climbing aids.

The use of machines on steep slopes and impassable terrain presents people with extremely difficult working conditions and great challenges and dangers.

With the climbing aids of the company Esto we would like to contribute to more safety of man and machine.

Quick and easy assembly

On difficult terrain, the climbing aids from the Esto company increase the grip on the ground. Especially in ice and snow, the climbing aids can prevent excavators and crawler vehicles from slipping sideways. protect in steep slopes. Convince yourself of our competence!


Learn more about the installation of the climbing aids in our video.

Simple and quick assembly of the climbing aids!


in difficult terrain!

The special construction of the climbing aids increases safety against lateral slipping.

Especially in snow, ice, mud, heavy rain and steep slopes, the easy-to-install climbing aids provide better traction and thus more support for tracked vehicles.


simply clever!

Quick and easy assembly of two identical components that are screwed together using high-strength screws.

There are through holes in the climbing aids. This means that the thread cannot be damaged.

Easy assembly and disassembly. Any damaged screws can be removed by cutting them off with an angle grinder.


modern and professional!

Our professional construction services are the basis of economical and innovative solutions. For the planning implementation, we work with the latest software technology.

As an experienced specialist in CNC production in the field of turning and milling, we use the latest machines for all common machining processes. This enables us to meet our high standards in terms of quality and performance.

Important Safety and Usage Instructions

Please pay attention to:

The climbing aids increase traction and safety against lateral slipping. However, the climbing aids cannot guarantee absolute protection against lateral or other slipping or against the vehicle tipping over!

The driver (m/f/d) of the tracked crawler vehicle must always check and ensure the following before and each time the climbing aids are used:

- that the assembly and use of the climbing aids on the tracked crawler vehicle does not exclude or restrict its operating license or lead to impermissible or safety-relevant functional impairments,

- that the climbing aids are installed correctly and securely (the check must be carried out before each use!),

- that the local conditions and the subsoil allow the use of climbing aids, and

- that the use of the climbing aids does not pose any danger to third parties.

When using the climbing aids, the driver of the tracked crawler vehicle must always ensure that the crawler vehicle is not in danger of slipping or tipping over.

The user of the tracked crawler vehicle is solely responsible for the safe and permitted use of the climbing aids.

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